Windows 7 System Image and Backup Failure


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Jan 28, 2013
Hi Guys I am trying to create a system image file and I get an error stating I don't have enough memory trying to backup 300 GB and from the "C" drive I have over 400GB free on the source drive and on the backup drive I have 600GB free, it says cannot create a shadow file. Before this I was trying to do a backup using my DVD drive and there was too many disks to load it on and the backup was not completed I am trying to do a new one using the extra hard dive will not work I also deleted all old shadow files using the CMD but still having the same error, please see the screen shot of the error if anyone an please help? Win7 Capture.jpg
I would use a third party program like Acronis True Image. Paragon, EeseUS, and Macrium all have free versions that are stripped down from their pay full versions. I also partition my main HD with system and programs on one and data on the other. Restoring an image with Acronis takes 15-20 min.
The attachments seems to show the drive to which you are backing up is not connected. You did cover some of the info on in the windows that might have been relevant.

Are you doing a System Image and File backup? Have you looked at what is being backed up to make sure it is not trying to backup a previous backup, or other data. If you are doing both, you might try just the system image to see if it will complete. And just to make sure, the second drive, is a physically different drive?

Joe mentions going to a third party utility, and that might help your situation, but I use just the Windows Backup and Restore for my Images and don't seem to have any problems. But let us know, and possibly explain when the "Disconnected" annotation shows up during the process...
You must have some system files on other partitions. Windows imaging always images ALL partitions where there are system relevant files.

Windows imaging is flaky anyhow. Use this program. It is a lot more reliable and faster too: Imaging with free Macrium - Windows 7 Forums
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