System Image Missing Hard Drive


I am trying to create a System Image, but neither it nor Back up & Restore gives me the option of saving to my second Hard Drive, even though it does appear in Windows Explorer and Disk Management.

As a bit of background, my computer has ended up in a strange configuration after updating to WIndows 7 Build 7100. I had two HDDs before, one had Windows XP and two other partitions on it, the other had back up data. When I decided to try out Win7, I bought a second, identical HDD as my first one and made an image of it. I then unplugged my first HDD and am keeping that separate so that I can easily revert to it if I have to (or if I missed migrating any data). Win 7 install went fine onto my new HDD except now my data HDD is Disk 0 and my boot HDD with C drive is Disk 1. Presumably because of that, in my BIOS I have to set up the boot order as my data HDD, not my C drive Disk, but it all works and boots up quickly. Both HDD are basic NTFS disks, not dynamic ones.

Now however, trying to set up System Image, Back up & Restore, the program does not find my data HDD or give me the option of saving an image or back up to it.

Any ideas on what I should do to be able to get the Image, Back up & Restore program to identify it? Any ideas on re-ssigning Dick 0 and DIsk 1, or does that make any difference at all?



ShadowProtect & Windows 7

Well, this might not answer you disk re-assigning quetion, but I recently read that StorageCraft ShadowProtect can backup/restore Windows 7 Beta ( ShadowProtect backs up Windows 7 : Security Watch - Internet Security News: IT security, Business security, Computer security, Network security, and more ).

Accoring to their site, they offer a 30 day free trial of their software for desktop PCs, so maybe give that a shot ? ( Storagecraft - complete data backup, disk imaging, disaster recovery, migration and data protection solutions in the UK for Windows servers, desktops and laptops. - | StorageCraft | fast System Backup + Disaster Recovery )



Thank you for your reply. I have been using Acronis TrueImage for a while and have been very happy with it. They are working on a Win7 version (2009 version mostly works, but has a couple of issues). In this case I wanted to see how well the MS solution works. So far, it doesn't do anything for me.



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