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    Beta 1 7000 install went very smooth.

    In looking at the Device Manager I note System Interrupt Controller (listed 9 times) is showing error. I have tried "scan for hardware changes" and "install new drivers" to no avail.

    Running a Gigabyte GA-EX58-DS4 board with i7 920. I had installed the intel chipset .inf that came with the board.

    PC seems to be running fine (even my Auzentech sound card).

    Any suggestions? Or is this one of those "wait for them to make drivers for the new OS things?" LOL

    UPDATE: For some reason it (at first) wouldn't "search on line" for updates. After a reboot I tried again and was able to update each of the nine instances. Now all yellow ! are gone.
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    Same thing

    Same problem, except it wouldn't pull mine from the internet. Extracted the Intel chipset ( files to a dir and then manually updated the drivers for each from device manager from that folder. Picked them all up right away. No longer have device manager complaining about any hardware, yay!

    core i7
    asus rampage II extreme
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