Windows 7 System Mechanic 64 bit & Trend Micro 64 bit


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May 11, 2009
I am unable to get either of these programs to reinstall after doing the current Windows RC upgrade from Vista. I always get an error box showing that the digital signature has a problem? A recent software or hardware problem, it says? How do I get past this? I have downloaded the new software from each company's website. It is SUPPOSED to work according to the emails they send me. Can anyone help me with this? Thanks!!!!!

I have just discovered that this happens regardless of what I try to install. Is this a setting in the UAC perhaps?
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It could be due to the fact you performed an upgrade, rather than a "clean" install.

I know Microsoft provides instructions, but truthfully a "clean" install is the way to go.

An upgrade leaves many files on your system that are useless and could be causing conflicts.

Did you try Run As Administrator?

And did you receive Windows updates after the install and activaction?
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