System Restore: Any different for Win7 & Vista?

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    Hi all.

    Not exactly a Support question, but I can't see a better place to put it.

    I need to write some instructions for a group of users on how to clear any existing Restore Points. The operating systems are a mixture of mostly XP with some Vista and a couple of Windows 7. However I'm doing this at home over the weekend and I only have Windows XP Pro available.

    Can anyone tell me if the following procedure needs to be modified in any respect for Vista or Win7:

    1. Click Start, then right-click My Computer.
    2. Click Properties.
    3. Click the System Restore tab.
    4. Check the box "Turn off System Restore".
    5. Click Apply and you'll be prompted with a dialog asking you to confirm that you do want to turn off System Restore.
    6. Click Yes.
    7. Restart the computer.
    9. Repeat steps 1-6, except in step 4, uncheck the option to "Turn Off System Restore".

    TIA for your assistance.

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