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I can't restore my system to a previous time. When I try to run it I get an error in Swedish, it says something about the Volume Shadow Copy, there's an error with it, control that the services Event System and VSS are running etc. (0x80042318).

I tried to select another restore point but the same message occurs, also if I restart my computer.

What can I do to fix it? Thanks.

Joe S

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Are you using a third party derfag tool? Some of those mess up system restore.

Not sure, how do I find out? I installed a program called Revo Uninstaller Pro earlier today in an attempt to uninstall Windows Live Essentials since ZapMessenger didn't work for me, otheriwse I don't know.

Joe S

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It would have been something you installed like Defraggler or Auslogics. Windows 7 doesn't like third party defrag programs and they frequently cause problems with system restore.

Type services.msc in the start menu then press enter. Set the Volume Shadow Copy service to manual, then reboot.

Ye it is set to manual but the same message appears after reboot.

Joe S, should I post a screenshot of all my installed programs?

Set these services to automatic and reboot, if they are not: RPC Endpoint Mapper and DCOM Server Process Launcher.

Joe S

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You don't have to it would be a program you downloaded and installed yourself.

TorrentG, they are already set as automatic.

And Joe, I don't know which program then. I uninstalled and removed this Revo Uninstaller Pro.

Bump. What can I do?

Why do you want to restore at all? Perhaps we can help you with the problem that is causing you to want to do that, as it's probably not necessary at all.

Because of three reasons.

A. I want to go back to my previous msn version.
B. I messed with my MSXML files that somehow are associated with my MSN-login, and my document library doesn't work anymore, yeah I'm sure what I got myself into when I downloaded some msxml installation that probably wasn't supported by windows7. If I click Start, it says under my computer picture; "Charlie", "Document-library-ms", "Pictures-library-ms" and "Music-library-ms".
C. I want my system restoration to work for future problems, instead of always posting my errors while I could simply go back in time with a few mouse clicks. Also for security and safety reasons.

Anyway, I don't really need help with my msn, what's most important for me right now is to have system restoration to work (or what ever it's called in english).

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Yay, it's working again! Thanks for the help!

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