Windows 7 System Restore will not open


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Jun 1, 2013
My wife's Sony Viao has a bug that is affecting her email accounts and now the bank account. The error messages refer to an attempt by someone else trying to access those sites. MacAfee can't find it, I downloaded the Windows bug sweep and it quit running before it was done.
In the past, I would use Restore System to an Earlier Date feature and that had always worked. Both on hers and mine.
Problem is, now, I click on it and nothing opens. It won't open.
When I have used it before, it always showed past events, such as Windows update, new program downloads, etc.

Now it just will not open. Any ideas?

Windows 7 Home Premium OS

And BTW, it shows I am new, but I have been here before but forgot all my login info. Getting old is hell......

patcooke, I ran that program and one other. Found no issues. System Restore will still not open.

ok - malware is frequently the culprit for this but let's try one more obvious check before digging deeper - check that system restore is enabled:

Go to control panel, system, system protection, configure and make sure that it is turned on.