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Hello All :)

Ive been having this weird problem with system restore ever since i formatted and reinstalled Vista. Now ive upgraded to Windows 7 (new installation) and the problem still persists.

If i go to system restore there are zero restore points, even though i have the option on for my main drive C.
Now if i go to system protection and click on create point, it will say created successfully. If i go to configure directly after creating it itll show that out of the 3.18 GB i have allocated for restore its using 14 MB.

However if i go to system restore there are no points there at all! Furthermore, on going back to system protection and checking out configure the usage is back to zero....

Through my online searches ive found many suggestions.
However im not Dual booting XP and Vista and my Volume Copy Shadow Service is running fine.
The only thing that ive found mentioned is that if you have a OEM partition on your HDD then that can have some sort of impact, although i didnt understand the specifics.

I would have though that after making a new installation the problem would be solved but it still persists.

Any help would be much appreciated :D


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Hello and welcome to the windows7forums.

We all believe upgrading is a bad choice.

AS you can see, your problem still exists.

If you perform a "clean" install i don't believe you would have this problem

Please look over the threads at the bottom of this page for more information.

No, i did a new clean install. Only thing i did was i didnt backup to an external harddrive but got all my files moved to windows.old


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I believe but the only way a windows.old directory is created if you perform an upgrade

I believe if you choose to backup you files, they are Documents, Pictures, Music, Videos, etc.

I could be wrong however, it's been a long time since I installed a clean version.

The windows.old directory is useless and can be deleted.

I dont think so, cause i had to reinstall all my previous programs.
It was pretty much a format but it saved all my files to a folder on the HDD.


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When you installed were you given the choice to backup your files or not back up your files.

Hopefully some one will come along with better help, as I said I haven't performed a install in quite a while.

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