System unable to sleep/shut down, and other errors.

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    I recently made a post about the sleep issue, but to rephrase, I was having trouble with my Acer Aspire 4810T sleeping when I closed the lid, but I managed to fix it by changing the properties for my wifi card so that it would not wake up the computer. The other day I downloaded a driver update for the wifi card (Intel(R) WiFi Link 5100 AGN), which seems to have automatically unchecked the option to let it wake up the computer

    However, the problem I had before has come back, in addition to a bunch of others. First of all, when I try to restart or shut down the computer, it goes to the log on screen, but stays at the message "Shutting down" and never actually shuts down. The only way for me to get out of this is to manually power the computer off. I also have to do this when I sleep the computer, as, when I close the lid, it goes to a black screen, but the power button stays lit, as opposed to flashing orange.

    I've also started noticing some other issues that may help to clarify the problem: When I right click on my desktop, the cursor goes to the busy cursor, and stays like that, forcing explorer to crash. When I restart explorer, I'm unable to click on my desktop at all.

    Occasionally the battery meter does not work, just showing the charging icon with an empty battery. I haven't noticed a pattern as to when this does and doesn't happen.

    When I try to bring up windows updater, it shows nothing, just the border and an empty window. I also have to force the window to close through task manager, which as I just noticed while doing it causes explorer to restart and allows me to click on my desktop again! Haha, still, this seems like a problem, and it would be great if anyone could help.

    Finally, a couple times after manually powering my computer off and restarting it, I noticed that many, but not all, of the icons on my desktop were removed, but were kept in the actual desktop directory. This was not too much of a problem as I just copied them back from the directory, but it could help with diagnosis.

    Just for more background, I noticed more and more of these issues the other night when I created a registry value to update a game. The issues had started before that, but I have since deleted the created value. I'm not sure if that could have messed anything up.

    I hope that someone can help with this! It would be much appreciated!

    Additional comments: I've been running disk checks, but the problems persist.
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    Hi, I'm just wondering if you've ever updated the bios at all? If not then this might prove to be a solution although care is needed..
    Check here to see if you have the latest version:

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