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    Ok, I recently did a fresh install of win 7 because I corrupted my own registry playing about. Anyways, I got everything done & all looked fine & completed normally & then I got a BSOD. First one ever, continued & it looked normal & everything. Then after about a week I noticed some programs refused to open up when I double clicked them for a good 2,3 minutes at least but they immediately show up in process tree. Then my browsers, chrome, firefox, waterfox (64 bit version of ff) & IE started to take a while to open up for the first time after a boot & when they did, in the status bar continued to say connecting yet I was fully connected.

    Then I thought, I would do some scan's to check things out & sometimes I couldn't get any browser to initiate the download & then when I managed to get the files to download, running the exe files to install wouldn't do anything, but they did show up in process tree. I would try ctrl+alt+del to get up tsk manager when this happens & sometimes it loads up but shows nothing in the process tree, sometimes I get an error about loading graphic or something & sometimes nothing happens at all for a good 4,5 minutes.

    I get windows has stopped responding click ok to restart or End now but at that point nothing responds. It takes a good few reboots to manage to get some functionality. During these issue's I had discovered 1 of my ddr3 sticks went on me & had to be taken out. I have since purchased replacement for the memory but problems still persist.

    I have noticed in recourse monitor that I have 6gb of standby memory but 0 free memory & my system seems to run OK ish when I have a sizeable amount of free memory. Also, when I start to get no response from exe files which in the end I get windows could not access the file even though it was on my deskop & was something like skype, avg or some other normal install file. I can not see any activity from my HDD's & only when activity starts things start to slowly happen.

    I have active smart & it reads performance, health & temp are all good. Done defrags & use system check Utility like TuneUp Utilities to maintain my system as always to no avail.


    I forgot to mention, Sometimes when my browser are open, it refuses to let me type. Also when I have process tree open on task manager & try to end process's that don't appear to be opening correctly I get no response. Also, when these problems happen it's normally after I have just rebooted or turned my system on & a clear indication not all is well is when my desktop loads up & looks all good, then all my icons go white & then the mess starts.

    I don't know what can be causing this or how to resolve it. Some tips would be great because I am out of idea's.

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