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Hi, i have been having problems shutting down my system. It gets as far as the blue screen with the Shutting Down text & thats it. I have hard drive activity for a few seconds & then nothing & im forced to turn off holding the power button in.

I've use various tools to keep my system in top condition & this has only started over the last few weeks. Something i have noticed when i boot up is a black screen saying "Remove Boot execute record unsuccessfully NTSTATUS = 0XC0000001" after the windows 7 logo & then it loads into desktop normally.

I can shut down perfectly fine if i've only been using the pc for a few minutes, but after a few hours it refuses to do so & its starting to have its toll on my system by forcing it to power off all the time.

Sleep function works fine mostly, just the odd occasion when i try to wake from sleep & it just hangs on a blank screen & then after a minute my monitor goes into standby mode & then im forced to reset twice to override the system restore.

Can anyone help?

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I suppose the first thing to ask is have you run a virus scan, and what anti-virus do you use. If it does not have a active boot component, you might check the link for a bootable virus checker.

What is Windows Defender Offline?

You could use msconfig.exe to do a couple of things. First, allow the system to make a boot log you could check. Perhaps something would show up during the early boot stage. Secondly, you could use it to keep some of the startup items from loading to test.

If none of this seems to help, you could download a program called Autoruns from System Internals, a part of Microsoft. If will allow you to see what is starting in your system.


Any help you might need in evaluating the startups, post back.


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I've sorted the problem. The "Remove Boot execute record unsuccessfully NTSTATUS = 0XC0000001" was caused by a registry defrag i initiated a few weeks ago using TuneUp Utilities 2013 which failed to do its job on that occasion. As for the inability to shut down, this was down to Acronis True Image 2013. It had a HDD monitor which was used to make Live Backups of my C drive onto a backup drive if any files/folders or settings changed on my C, it made the edit to the backup drive. Deactivating this feature caused more boot problems, however after uninstalling it & removing all settings it made, the system shuts down & boots up perfectly & if i might say, a little more snappier also. So i have made a post on Acronis support asking why the software i purchased does this & i've been told its a known problem for x64 OS users which they are working on a fix.

So, thanks for the help.

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