Tablet PC buttons not working, driver issue?

Hi there! So I've got an issue. I installed Windows 7 32-bit Home Premium on a Fujitsu T4020D Tablet PC. Unfortunately, the tablet's face buttons don't work at all (The face buttons I'm referring to are the five extra buttons in the bottom right of the monitor pictured here).

Now, I've tried downloading and installing the "button driver" through compatibility mode (the driver is the first attachment down below), but it was to no avail. The driver install accomplished nothing.

In the control panel under Tablet PC Settings, there is no tab for "buttons" as I understand there is supposed to be.

The registry contains no information about the buttons. I was viewing this page to try to figure out what I could be missing, and decided to follow down that path into my registry. Unfortunately for me, it seems, the only thing I have under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\TabletPC is a sub folder called ExtendedButtonActions with nothing but a default reg_sz in it.

I tried talking to fujitsu support, but their basic response was "this driver wasn't made for running in Windows 7." As much as I understand that, compatibility mode is supposed to fix that. And I'm sure not going to put windows xp back on a machine with no USB boot and no CD drive just so they can tell me that I need tablet PC edition. Besides, when this laptop was installed with a clean install of XP, the buttons didn't work either.

So, here I am. I figure this place is the best to ask, since I feel this may be a further down issue than just the drivers?

I've thought about maybe digging around and figuring out how to unpack the installer files and figure out how to manually do all of the actions performed by the driver install, but before I belabor myself with that I'd like some more professional input on what I could do.


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