Tampered Display

[Long Story Short]..

I have Windows 7 Home Edition with Intel Core i3 Processor, and Intel graphic Media Card, with 4GB Ram (3.88 GB Usable)

I have tampered my graphics and display.... everything is working perfectly fine..but, whenever i start a game it comes in small window...it isn't like not maximized...it is maximized but there is a wide black border at all the four sides, i think i tampered the-"play game in small window" or something like that......:(

So the question is how do i turn everything back to default..?:confused:


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Sounds like you disabled an option along the lines of "Scale to fit screen" when running stuff below the native resolution on the video settings.

where is it located....can you tell me the full steps where it is located at?.....Thank you...

P.S i am a kid...so i dont know that much


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Sadly not, the best you can do is look through the display properties, personally wouldn't ever use intergrated intel graphics so i'm unable to offer support about them.

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