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By following the Personalize prompt on the desktop, I reach "Windows color and appearance" but at that point I don't know (can't find) how to change the color of the task bar. I might add that I don't understand the meaning of most of the choices in the menu on that window. Any hints gratefully accepted.


> Personalization > Window Colour (@ the bottom of the window between Desktop Background & Sounds). Select the colour you want & it will apply to the Taskbar, also. Here you can, also, set the transparency level.



I selected "Frost", which did change the color of the "Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Personalization\Window Color and Appearance" window, but did not change the dark grey color of the task bar.


After you selected Frost, did you hit the Save button @ the bottom of the window??


I did, indeed, Drew, but no joy. For what it's worth, the brightness and/or saturations controls do change the task bar color, but the hue control does not.

I think you may be @ the wrong spot.

Rt Clk on Desktop screen > Personalize > Window Color (bottom of window), select, click on, desired colour, now, @ bottom right of window hit Save button

The above should (will) change the Taskbar to the same colour, as selected.

None of those parameters where I'm talking.


Your faith in W7's functions does you honor, Drew, but it fails in my case. I have faithfully performed the exact steps you list above, with the results I described earlier, i.e., the border of the window adopts the color I specify, but the task bar color does not.

Go figure....

So sorry. I trust some1 else will have the solution.



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Hi Tony. Are you running a custom (3rd party) theme? Can you give us a little screenshot / snip of your problem?

It's clear by now that I have plunged over my head in trying to adjust the colors of my displays. If I knew how, I would just as soon restore the whole shebang to its default values and step more gingerly in the future. I also have to figure out how to send a screenshot.


How to take a screen shot or how to put 1 in these messages??


How to take a screen shot in reply to Elmer's request. I can then follow the forum's instructions on how to post it.


Hit, Windows key + PrtScn

A .png (of it) called ScreenShot.png will (now) be in Pictures (Libraries)

Then use the Insert Image tool to fetch it from there.


Here are the screen shots. I hope that will help me restore the default W7 window settings. Appearance.PNG Color.PNG Peronalization.PNG


Let's experiment, a moment...

See that Windows7 logo screen choice, 1st one under Aero Themes? Select that. &, now, (next) see what happens when you select Frost w/ Transparency Enabled.

Also, you really should have a Screen Saver going.

That 2nd shot you show of Windows Color & Appearance... that you shouldn't have & we are not interested in it. If, you get that, means Aero is not being used & that's why you're not getting the results you seek. Anyway, try what I suggested @ the beginning of this note.

Maybe, you won't want to use that 'wallpaper' permanently but, just indulge me for a moment... can be changed anytime later.


Lemme know.


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I was really after a picture of your malfunctioning toolbar :D!

google.PNG W7 logo choice.PNG
This is the result of the steps you suggested, Drew. The Google screen shows that the title bar is dark blue/illegible -- which is why I started to fiddlefart with the display in the first place.

I use a "blank" screen saver to reduce agitation in my environment (also the reason for the calming effect of the clouds).

It is malfunctioning only in the sense that I could not change its color. Now that I've followed Drew's suggestions it is of course of a different color than the one I had with my modifications.

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