Task BAr Thumbnails in windows classic

I love the taskbar preview feature aero has but i hate that aero eats cpu and ram. I want the taskbar preview to have the little picture that show up when you hold the mouse over the taskbar button

anyone know how.


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If you disable Aero, the thumbnail taskbar preview also gets disabled.

I know that. I wanna know if there is anyway to override it.


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I meant to say, no AFAIK


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This is quite ol, so I don't know if oy will work in Windows 7

I think I've found it. Hope it helps others with the same problem. I right-clicked on the folder, chose diable Thumbanil View in properties, then went to View>FolderOptions, clicked the View tab and unchecked

Show file attributes in Detail View, refreshed and it worked.

I went back to the drive properties and noticed the folder had the Read-Only attribute checked whereas before it didn't.

So I removed it all, right-clicked on the folder, chose Enable Thumbnail View and thewn checked the Read-Only attribute, refreshed and it worked.
I tried this a few times, but for some reason when I check Enable Thumbnail View, a check will not automatically be added to the Read-Only attribute.

So as long as both boxes are checked it works correctly.


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Cool m8!!! Haven't tried. But may be the thread starter can do and revert back.

BTW, is this a workaround provided by MS or a flaw?

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