Task Manager exit missing

When I access Task Manager the window opens and Task Manager operates fine;however,
there is no way to exit. There is no minimize maximize close in the top right corner.
The only way I can exit the program is to manually shut down the computer and re-boot.
What is the "fix" for this.



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Hi xgdude and Welcome to The Forum.

Are you using a custom theme? Have you customised the Task Manager? Could you post a snapshot of the Task Manager?

In the menu bar of Task Manager, under file, do you have an option to Exit Task Manager? Also if you have a small Task Manager icon on the top left corner, by clicking on that you should have an option to "Close".

I found an answer to my problem accidentally; when task manager is open an icon appears in the quick launc bar. If I click on this icon a miniture image of task manager appears. If I hover over this image a smakk "x" appears on the top right hand corner of the image which will exit the program. I have attached three attachments which are .doc snap shots of my task manager

I still have a problem though. I don't have a menu bar as you suggested. Is there supposed to be a menu bar in task manager?

Thanks for the help




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Try double clicking a blank area just above the column titles...


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Well done Saltgrass, forgot that!!


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Yes indeed. Nice tip Clark. Didn't even know that one. Much appreciated.


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You can double click any of the white border around the central window. Just another "hidden" item which MS mysteriously included and forgot to tell us about!

Thanks a lot Saltgrass. You are truly amazing !!!! I would never find out about that on my on.This forum is great!
It's great to be able to network with knowledgeable people and see them all work together for the common good.
It's been good !!!

Ditto to Davhc! I really appreciate you guys. xgdude


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I never knew you could do that, and what's the point?
Why would anyone need to hide the tabs and window control buttons in Task Manager?


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No point at all, Mike, imho. But, as happened here, if someone should inadvertently click it, without realising what they had clicked, it could lead to a little grief for the user, until he discovered the answer. But I feel the same way regarding the Windows explorer, and, for that matter, other top menus. I find I have plenty of space underneath in all cases, why waste time with the clicks on or off.

I Don't know what the purpose of hiding them is either.

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