Task Manager Keeps refreshing and i cant end any programs

Help! I cant use task manager cause it keeps refreshing and i cant even click on a program! I need help...I have had expirences with this on tortoiseSVN, a svn program for garry's mod. Please Help! I think its a conflict.:frown: Oh yes 1 more thing, when i click out of the window, it goes back to normal, when i click on the window again, it starts refreshing again non-stop.

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Generally this happens when you are viewing the processes tab and you are sorting on a column other than the name column.
To stop this behavior simply click on the word "Name" in the column header. Click once to sort ascending click again to sort descending

I have the exact same problem as Tevran! I have tried searching everywhere and couldn't find any solutions to this. Please any help would be most appreciated.


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Under options (I think, haven't used the W7 task manager recently) there should be an option for refresh speed, which you can set to paused.


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It's under view in the task manager

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