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In windows XP, I've got quite used to using a customised quick launch toolbar, for starting applications.
As you can imagine I was delighted to find Windows 7's new taskbar elegantly mimics this way of working.

I am however frustrated that it is no longer possible to drag and drop files onto the taskbar icon, in order to open them. Instead Windows 7 adds files to the application 'jump list', rather than opening them with the application.

Is there a way to turn off jump lists, so that dragging and dropping files onto the taskbar icon opens them?

This is annoying us too. Have you managed to find a solution yet?


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This is annoying us too. Have you managed to find a solution yet?

Yes! I was very pleased to learn recently that this feature is still available in W7. You can drag and drop a file onto a program icon to open it, whilst holding shift! :)


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nice thanks..

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What if this doesn't work? When I hold the shift key and drag the item I wish to open over the program, it says "open with xxx" but when I release the mouse, it doesn't open it. nothing happens. Any thoughts on why??

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