Windows 7 taskbar icons lost


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May 9, 2009
I did install a fresh system with some additional applications using win7 7201 x64
this is the first occurence of the problem, never had it before... (installing the same progam's)

some programs do show the dummy icon in the task bar, consistently
I did reset the application icons in the start button. All Icons are ok there
only the task bar itself has the dummy icons for some applications (photoshop-suite in this case)

System installed and other applications do not have the problem

Any Idea's how this is possible ?
any Idea how to correct for it ?


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Oct 20, 2009
I am facing the same problem. Recently i change from windows xp 32-bit to windows 7 professional 64-bit. But i see some problems. Among them i have problem with icons on the taskbar of some applications. But this disfunction does not appear all the time. It appears some times. Is it a bug ? Anyone who has that ? :confused:
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