Windows 7 taskbar icons missing after windows 7 update. help please!


I upgraded to windows 7 last friday and it has been great! the only problem is that my volume, battery power, network, and action center icons are missing from my taskbar. I went into properties, hit customize, then hit turn icons on or off. those 4 icons are grey and i am unable to click and change to ON from OFF. I went to the tech store near me and they had no idea what to do. Has this happened to anyone else who can help me solve this problem?

Thank you very much,

thats odd i updated my windows you could say a few hours ago, nothing happen to my icons, or my windows for that, its very odd,
the only the i can thing of is that it could be a Corrupted File but you wouldnt have gotten it from the update try scaning your pc,
or run the system repair, hope that help

well the first day after uploading, it worked fine. but then i shut my computer off (like i do every night) and when i turned it back on they were just gone... i wouldnt think this was a corrupt file seeing as it was from the microsoft website.

but you may have a virus a trojan or something, try scanning it if nothing comes up,
run the system repair, if that dosnt work let me know, i'll keep an eye on this thread and do some research aswel

All the Best

I would create a new user account to see if it fixes the issue.

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