Windows 7 taskbar icons not appearing?

hey guys! just installed windows 7 an the little program called rocket dock. on the i dont have program icons only in that rocket dock. before i installed this, the icons (vlc, bs player, total CMD, yahoo mess) appeard down there but now

do you think its because it can't find it's original location, the desktop, and thats why it's doing this? and how can i make them show again by not making a shortcut on the desktop?


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I might suggest you uninstall Rocket Dock using RevoUninstaller

It may not be compatible with Windows 7's new superbar

Alternately, you could try moving the taskbar to different places on the desktop, such as top or either sides, then bring it back to it's normal position.

i don't want to uninstall... :) i like it and i need it! it's great :p


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But this would tell you if it was the real culprit.

You can always re-install at a later time if that doesn't fix the problem.

Another idea.

Unpin the Generic icons from the taskbar, then navigate to the Programs installation directory, right-click on the executable files, choose create shortcut, now right-click on that and choose Pin to Taskbar and see if the proper icons appear.

You may have to restart your computer.


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Any solution yet ferydaboss?

no results. if i make shortcut do desktop they appear normally. but i dont like having icons on desktop, so i'll bare with it :p
although thanks all for your help :)
i just thought it's an error from win


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Do you get an error message when you try to pin the shortcut to the taskbar.

If so, what is the exact error message?

#8 errors but i am not trying to pin them to the taskbar, i am only opening an application and its icon doesn't show.
but i am definitely about the problem, as i installed an app, it created a shortcut ion the desktop and i deleted it, after moving thing up into the rocked dock :)


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Could you provide a screen shot or go to Start > Run, and type psr

Record the steps and attach the resulting zip file back here for review.

Does it say on Rocket Dock's website that the program is compatible with Windows 7?

The shortcut solution worked for me. Just create the shortcut on your desktop, pin it then delete it from your desktop. Its annoying, but it beats reinstalling windows. Hope they fix this soon.

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