Taskbar in my face while playing fullscreen game

Hello! I just got a new computer with Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit. I installed Doom 3 but when I try to play the game it seems the taskbar keeps focus. When the game is starting up I can see the intro screen but there's no sound, and the taskbar stays on top. If I click the mouse the game gets focus for a split second where I can hear the sound and move the mouse, but then the taskbar comes back. After mashing buttons and clicking like a madman I finally got control of the game and the taskbar went away. But not 10 minutes into the game the taskbar pops up again!

Has anyone heard of this issue or have a solution?


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Try to lock the taskbar and then right click it, choose properties and select auto-hide
Also, make sure you have no Internet windows open, especially Firefox.

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Ahh I had a download going in firefox so that must have been it. Problem is gone now, and luckily it doesn't happen with other games.


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