taskbar network monitor

I have searched and the answer is probably
available but I didn't find anything probably
because I didn't use the magic keywords.


When I'm online my connections quit working
more often than not (I suspect Comcast). I
am looking for a monitor that would reside in
my taskbar that I could click on that would
tell me how far the connection is getting and
where it terminates. Something more advanced
would be fine as well.

I'm looking for recommendations.

Thanks in advance,

Steve Broshears ..


I can't help with the software you're looking for, but the command prompt is your friend here.

When the issue happens, type the following in the command prompt and press enter:

tracert anywhere.com

It will show you up to where the connection is working and where there are problems, along with ping times. Of course, change anywhere.com to whatever you want, while using.

I know that, I could also run d3tr.

I'm looking for something a little
better for the taskbar.

Any help would be appreciated.

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