Windows 7 Taskbar Preview

I got a problem with my taskbar... well not really a problem but i wanna change a thing there but i don't know how :O

I want it to be like this:

And i got like this:

Please help!

Thanks, Qwerty.


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From the pix u have uploaded, it seems you have not enabled Aero. To do it, Goto personalization and select a Aero theme and check. Also run the Windows Experience Index. Your computer should score 3 or higher so Aero can be enabled.

Also, goto personalization and in the bottom, if your computer doesnt support Aero i.e., your VGA is not WDDM compatible, you will see a Red X with some information. If this is the case, your computer is not eligible for Aero. My desktop has a older inbuilt VGA and the same issue occurs.

Also did you install the VGA drivers or Win 7 did it?

Check and revert.

Note: Before starting a new thread do a search too.

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Thanks, works now!


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Your welcome..glad it worked.

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