Taskbar problem

Can anyone suggest a fix for this odd taskbar problem.
I have been running Win 7 for nearly 3 weeks. Love it, no problems. I also had an 'iffy' copy of Office 2007 installed, with the Word and Outlook icons pinned to the taskbar, working perfectly.
Tonight I unistalled the 'iffy' copy of Office 2007 and reinstalled an absolutely genuine copy.
My previous Work and Outlook icons have now been replaced by 'non-icons' which I can't remove or unpin from the taskbar, however they do 'respond' if there is a page from either Work or Outlook actually open in the same way they used to BUT I can't OPEN a Word or Outlook document by clicking on them, I get a report that the program has to be installed.
Furthermore I can't get the taskbar to accept the correct, new icons for Word or Outlook by cut/paste or click/drag the way I did originally.
The other odd thing is that when I opened the NEW installation of Office all the email settings for Outlook and the address book was there as before.
But I just want to get rid of these 'ghost' icons for Word and Outlook and install the 'fully active' ones.
Anyone got any ideas? PLEASE?

I've managed to solve my own problem.
All that was needed was a reboot.
Everything work normally again.

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