Taskbar Problem

Whenever I hover my mouse over my icons on my taskbar next to my windows button like its supposed to show that little square with whatever the image is of the window well that like flashes up and down but doesnt stay up some of them i can click on them and they open others wont even open. anyone know what this problem is?

I believe it is a 7 compatibility problem - have software here that does not open when you click on the preview window.. you have to right-click the preview/ restore and then it opens.

Taskbar Icon Preview Problem

I'm now having the same problem "UndeadTorey" mentioned and I don't believe it is a compatibility issue. I have been running Win7 for months without a problem. Then, just in the last few days, if I pan my cursor over, say, the Internet Explorer icon, I briefly see a preview of all the pages I have open but they then disappear before I have the chance to click on one.

The only thing I can think of is this is related to the last batch of "patches" that automatically downloaded through Windows Update. Anyone have any more information on this? :confused:


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I doubt that is the reason, but who knows. I get all the updates automatically, and am not having the problem. The popup views are related to Aero. Have you changed your theme, or anything in the desktop picture, which could account for it?
For example, Look unders "System" - "Advanced system settings" - "Advnaced" - "Performance". Make sure you have "Aero Peek" enabled, and "Desktop composition". Then
Right click your start orb - Properties - TaskBar, and make sure you have Aero Peek enabled (at the bottom of the screen).


RAK, well you helped me fix the problem even if it was inadvertently! I checked on everything you suggested and all my settings were already correct. However, on a hunch, I deselected Aero Peek and rebooted the computer. Now everything works fine, even once Peek was re-selected. Why that worked, I have no idea...I had tried rebooting before with no result. Thanks for pointing me to all the related menus though!

For anyone else reading this thread and perhaps troubleshooting the same issue, the only thing that had changed on my computer recently besides some updates automatically downloading/installing was the installation of Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2010. This should have had any bearing on the situation either...but...who knows.


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Well, that is interesting. Seems like for some reason, if we ar blaming the update, it did not "trigger" something in the registry. As you said, I seriously doubt the influence of the Office program.

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