Taskbar Shortcuts


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Taskbar Shortcuts
Scroll through taskbar icons. Want to cycle through all the programs you have open without calling up Flip3D (with Windows key+Tab, in case you'd forgotten)? Windows key+T will guide you through all of your open programs and let you see their window thumbnails, but won't change what the rest of the screen is showing.

Start a new instance of an app. Changes made to the taskbar mean that clicking on a program icon placed there won't automatically start up a new instance of it. Instead, clicking will just show you what windows of it you already have open. But if you Shift-click or click the middle mouse button on a program's taskbar icon, you can start up another instance.

Start an elevated instance of an app. You can run a program with administrative credentials even if you're not logged into an administrator-level account. Shift-Ctrl-click on a taskbar icon to open an elevated instance of that app.

Close a taskbar thumbnail. There's a red X icon in the upper-right corner of each taskbar thumbnail window that you can use to close that window. Want an even quicker way? Click the middle mouse button on it.

Restore the last active window. New taskbar groupings make it easier than ever to organize the programs you have open in Windows 7. But there's a way to speed up the process even more. Ctrl-click on a taskbar group to open the last active window in that group. Keep clicking to cycle through all the windows you have open.

Open a Jump List. One of the most helpful new features of Windows 7 are Jump Lists, which give you instant access to frequently used commands. There are two ways top open them: Either right-click on a taskbar icon, or left-click and drag it upward.


Is it possible to reconfigure the taskbar shortcut controls (reg hack?)

I like Ctrl+Left Click as it brings the last active window to focus (which is great for MSN Messenger as it is daft to have to scroll through you preview windows to see who sent you the last message)

But I dont want to hav to press CTRL+Left Click, I just want to Left Click to bring the last active window to focus.

Is there anyway I can change this CTRL+Left Click function to be just Left Click?



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You can bring the Quicl Launch Bar back t the taskbar,

If you need unstructions, post back and I'll guide you thriugh it.

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