Taskbar tooltips - delay rather than removing?

OH LORD just SHOOT ME NOW with the tooltips. I don't want to see them!

Only... sometimes I do. RARELY.

If I could delay them out to about 4-5 seconds, I would be happiest, but I haven't found any context menus anywhere that will allow me to do that.

If someone finds this thread by asking for how to completely prevent the tooltips from appearing, a post can be found elsewhere on these forums, (http://windows7forums.com/windows-7-support/32434-taskbar-tooltips-major-annoyance.html#post141554). I'm kind of afraid to do that. I'm always nervous editing the registry.

Again, rather than remove them entirely, in case I do want to use it sometimes, I would prefer to cause a delay in the tooltip appearing (so I can mouse around without the stupid tooltips popping up, startling me into moving the mouse and then accidentally switching windows by scrolling off the taskbar onto the tooltip).

Any tips?

Also, if you give an answer that includes a walkthrough, a quick explanation of the steps would be much appreciated (ie, you don't have to state very obvious things like "click on XYZ because that opens the program XYZ" but if you're telling me to change a registry setting from 0 to 3 I'd like to know that I'm telling the computer to run something only when clicked instead of upon startup. or whatever.)


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