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Hello :smile:

I have a Intel Quad Core HP elite Desktop M8190a everything is as manufactured except i upgraded the ram to 4GB.

Originally running Vista .. Last week while playing a mp3 file from an external HDD a loud "ticking" occured then the computer crashed. Restarted automatically then a BSOD appeared stating something about a BAD_POOL_CALLER.
Problem Name:BlueScreen
OS Version:6_0_6002
Files that help discribe the problem:

For the last week it has kept crashing daily so i decided to do a full system format to take it back to factory settings. Seemed all was going well, until i got a message stating "bad system configuration, unable to install windows".
So i decided to do a fresh clean install of windows 7 64bit (genuine) that i had purchased and had been meaning to do for months. All went well .. connected to the internet fine, activated windows 7. I then installed my printer and all seemed fine. But the second i hooked up my external HDD (which is not new, ive had it as a backup since i purchased the pc 4yrs ago) .. BSOD !!! :mad: AGAIN!!! Not sure if it was a coinsidence or not .. but now the pc will not load past the windows screen it just keeps restarting .. so i cant even see the minidump problem .. Also there is no option to use SAFE MODE .. which seems odd. Only options are "Start Windows normally" or "Lauch repair" as this is a fresh OS install attempt there is no last known good configuration :confused: .. also i did notice just before one of the crashes that windows was saying it wasnt a "Genuine Version" - but i did purchase it from a store.

Sorry if that was a long winded story but i thought id try to give u as much info as possible.

Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated ..

Many thanks

Natalie - Australia