tell me american megatrends bios flashing utility please.

I have chinese crap motherboard that its manufacturers customer service is only one person and gave me 700kb rom file through chat in a very long 2 hours.

My problem is I can't find appropriate flashing utility for my bios file (.rom). Please don't mind contacting customer service again. I am very disappointed about it.

I have tried russian utility uniflash 1.47 re 09, one ami flashing exe program and one ami flashing .com (ms dos) program.

Motherboard Chipset Intel Lakeport-G i945G
BIOS Type AMI (10/27/09) (currently)
intel cpu.
Please tell me good and newest bios flashing utility.

[langtitle=fr]Re: tell me american megatrends bios flashing utility please.[/langtitle]

Télécharge le fichier amiflash et puis tu le décompresse.
une fois décompresser amiflash - amibios - afuwin - 32- double clic sur AFUWIN application.
Onglet setup - open - tu sélection ton fichier rom qui correspond a la mise a jours de ton bios!!!
Tu coche tous comme sur la photo et tu appui sur flash
Quand le pc reboot tu tape F2[/lang]

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