Terminal Server in Windows 7?

Dear Techies,

Is there anyway to setup Terminal Server in Windows 7?

If the option is not there in Windows 7, plz suggest any third party free application.

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Noob Whisperer
While mstsc.exe (Microsoft Terminal Server Client) is available in most versions of Windows 7, the ability to host a terminal server connection (Remote Destop Connection) is only available in Windows 7, Pro, Enterprise and Ultimate.
Viable alternatives are programs Like TeamViewer, and CrossLoop, both I think are free for personal non-commercial use.

First, Thank you very much for the quick reply

You mean to say that we can setup Terminal Server in Windows 7, what are the steps?
and how many users can access at a time?

I am using Windows 7 Ultimate.



Noob Whisperer
yep. First configure your computer to allow incoming remote desktop connections.
Then fire up google and find out how to enable multiple simultaneous connections to Windows 7. I have it configured and it works fine, other people can log on remotely without blowing up my desktop session. As I recall it involves a couple DLLs placed in the right container and perhaps a registry edit, not too bad. The information is out there if you search for it, I just don't believe the forum rules support my providing that information on the forum.

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