Windows 7 Terrible FPS spikes unplayable at times.

Ok So to begin with specs are in my sig.
NOW My problem is whenever I play any game it doesn't matter which WoW HoN etc I play fine for a good 5-10 minutes then I'll get a horrid FPS drop for about 2-3 minutes and It's really annoying in arenas as you can imagine I go down to about 2-5 FPS worse in big areas it will look like a slideshow its so bad but when it's not down that low I can get 40-60 FPS also depending on my area I've tried Downloading new drivers for my GPU that failed it just made it worse I believe the driver version I tried was 186.1 and it did not fix it I've rolled back I've done a lot of things It's NOT my power settings they are on max I'm wondering if anyone else has found a fix for it. I don't know what else to do it's pretty much to the point where I may have to revert back to vista since I can't find any solutions PLEASE someone help I've read that GPUs are running hotter with windows 7 then vista but I don't know what I could do to fix this.


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Ive also had performance problems with newer drivers. Ive tried several but at the moment im sticking to the 190.62 driver (the newest one is 195.62) Try some different archived drivers to see if that helps.

I had this error last year, what had happened was my graphics card fan had blown. This therefore made the heat inside the case ridiculous and therefore made games unplayable and created these specific fps spikes. I would seriously check the inside of your computer to ensure that there are no conflicts in hardware.

Let me know when you check. Thanks.

I'm 99% sure it's not my fan this is a laptop Acer Aspire 8730 it's only 6 months old it ran fine on vista but since I upgraded this is happening im considering reinstalling vista this is too much work just to have a new OS I've yet to get a solution for this after about 2 weeks

Ok so I checked out the temps on the card and I saw it was peaking at 95 Degrees C and would get super choppy and cooldown to 85C before it would return to normal game play point being the only way to cure this is to either give your card more air or adds a fan windows 7 made this run much hotter then vista

Might I add that the fan is working properly and there was little to no dust just had to prop it up more then usual

Yeah, games will drain power (obviously) therefore creating heat. More power = More heat. 95 Degrees is a crazy amount, and 85 Degrees is still too hot. I would think between 45/60 for gaming at most, then again yours is a laptop not a computer. You can purchase USB Fans or even a Fan that plugs into a socket, therefore allowing the laptop more air. How fast does your laptop rise to it's hot temperature? Quick or through a period of time?

The VGA cards in the notebook do get incredibly hot, they will underclock automatically so the unit doesnt melt before your very eyes, this causes the low FPS whilst it is busy cooling down.

Make sure you are using it on a hard flat surface ensuring all ventilation points are free from obstruction. A lot of people buy the big laptop coolers which clip onto the underside and plug into the USB, that little bit of additional cold air really makes a difference.

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Yeah, get one of the coolermaster or antec aluminum cooling pads with the fans underneath; they really do help in cooling down the laptop even for normal use.

Perhaps the GPU fan speed is not being regulated correctly? For my desktop (XP) I use Rivatuner and a preset to increase the fan on my GTX260 to full speed before I start any game; I think this program may help for controlling a laptop Nvidia GPU too? instructions on creating presets are easily found via google.

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