text missing, start menu missing, windows boot 10-20 minutes, explorer barely starts..


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something happened, it was just a regular day, i was playing some games, went to the internet, and then everything started lagging, chrome hanged, explorer hanged, i started security options to start task manager, and then everything went downright to hell. preparing security options.....hanged..i did a restart as it was the only thing i could do, computer hanged at check-up,i turned the pc off, turned it back on and 'launch startup repair' appeared, i tried to start windows normally, it hanged on the boot animation,i restarted, and launched repair, it was running for 45 mins and it said no problems were found, i tried to do a system restore but there were no restore points..then it booted just fine, but still was lagging like hell, i uninstalled some programs(trying to solve the lag), and amongst them was custopack (icon, start menu, taskbar visual mod), it needed to reboot, after it rebooted there was something wierd at the logon screen..there was no text at all, after i logged in the icons were missing their names underneath, there was absolutely no text anywhere, not even the date and time, start menu was not working, security options were just one huge empty button (lock this pc as i found out),i looked around and found out that maybe it could be solved with sfc /scannow but it only said 'Windows Resource Protection did not find any integrity violations' so thats no good, the pc still has no text and hangs at boot animation after what 30 mins of recovery scan occurs with absolutely no results, and now im stuck here in this loop..
so i need help, i cant reinstall windows because i have some important documents on my windows partition(desktop and such),and i saw that such a thing could be caused by malware but ofcourse i cant scan it because i dont have text on buttons so its like im blind guessing

so, how can i get the text, the start menu and everything else back to normal ?


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You might try running a system file check from offline, or even from within Windows if you have it running. Open an administrative command prompt and type sfc /scannow but is may be something more sinister.

How to Run the System File Checker (Sfc.exe) Offline in Windows 7 and Vista - The Winhelponline Blog

Could be a virus, and it sounds like it might require a bootable version of an anti-virus....

What is Windows Defender Offline?

You may have a device problem, with a hard drive, or processor, It is just hard to tell.

But if running a System File Check and using chkdsk on your drive doesn't help, we will have to look at other possibilities.


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You can also try running Malwarebytes from a flash drive in Safe Mode.

Install Malwarebytes on the flash drive on an other computer, plug it in, then boot into Safe Mode and run it from there if you can.



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i tried sfc /scannnow it didnt find anything, i will try the thing with the bootable antivirus, and anti malware, thanks
and i've already made sure that the problem is in the hard drive as i reconnected the drive on another pc and the problems persisted.

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