Thank you Windows 7...


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I posted here in the past about not being able to get my Epson Scanner to work in Windows 7 64 bit.

I tried everything I could think of the several days, no luck.

I did finally get it to work in a way using 3rd party software but not from Photoshop with all the options I was used to.

But occasionally I would try and get it to work again, still no luck.

Well today my wife wanted some stuff scanned.
I figured I could do it with VueScan software.

I got the scanner out of the closet and plugged it in.
I got the updating your drivers message, so I thought I'll give it a try.

My scanner is back to normal, it works from Photoshop just like it used to.

Thanks Windows 7, it took a year but it did get fixed.

I procrastinated and never got around to buying a new scanner, so I didn't end up spending a couple of hundred bucks that I didn't need to.

Never do today what you can put off until tomorrow!



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Sounds like a painfully surgical solution to middle aged men's problems but you're quite right - can't beat a bit of the old procrastination!

It really is the Manufactures in your case Epsons responsibility to provide the proper drivers for you scanner, not Micro$ofts.
I am glad you got it working.


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Hi guys

I was really mad a Epson, partly because I had the same thing with HP.
When I first upgraded to Windows XP I had a expensive large format HP scanner that was only a few years old.

HP didn't make any drivers for XP, I contacted them and they said more or less tough luck we are not going to make XP drivers for anything but our new scanners. I gave the scanner to a friend who was still using Windows 98 and she is still using it.

I switched to Epson scanners and printers and have been using Epson ever since.
Now that everything comes to me as digital content I seldom have to use my scanner anymore. That's why I didn't rush out and buy a new one last year.


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