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    Hi Mike I have completely revamped my forums look moving from SMF to MyBB . All data was transfered without loss !
    I had the help of a guy I met on the Vidahost forum , they Vidahost are hosting my forum now . I had heard to many scary stories about Just Host to prompt a move to Vidahost .
    Anyway the guy on the forum I took a risk with , I let him into the admin area , something I would not normally do . Pass to cPanel the works !
    He transformed the forum and made it what it now is , kinda cool and funky . He even designed the new logo ! Not a word about money ether . On the Vidahost Forums he goes under the name Chrissy Poo . On my forum That Man . Well named a star for sure :)
    I have been on the internet since ,1995.
    Never had such a helpful person .
    Take a look at the logo he designed for me . From scratch and no money asked ! logo. That is just about the nicest thing anyone has done for me .

    Chris has a website at : Chris Lowthian - Technology and Computing News

    If you want to see the kind of work he does . Very able man indeed :)
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