That's it! I'm going back to Vista-

Red-faced edit here- this was a frustrated first draft that I did not intend to post. I thought that I had changed it to the much toned-down version with the same thread title that appears elsewhere in this forum. It was troubling to discover that this also posted. My apologies.

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If Microsoft in its almighty wisdom cannot provide me with local email- by far the most important aspect of computer usage to me, then I'm outta here. Back to Vista for now. Windows live is one of the most intrusive, awkward, inadequate sets of privacy-robbing programs I've seen. Live mail lacks the most basic archive-management features and I DON"T WANT MICROSOFT SERVERS HOLDING MY EMAIL ARCHIVES!! I lost years of important email archives for my business and much valuable contact/networking info by "upgrading" to windows 7. Windows Mail in Vista was just fine, why can I not at least have the option? God, I hate this company. Arrogant bastards. Buying MSFT puts Monday- Then will buy a Mac using the proceeds. Looking forward to a sledgehammer party for this, my last PC.
Sound like you like to Whine and Cry, You could use Thunderbird as a mail client Since I use OFFICE 2007 I have Outlook as my mail client. You can do the same if you want to. Instead of moaning a groaning, help make the program better. It sounds as if you are full of envy for that those that can do. I once worked for an individual who said he did not mind the bitching about something just at the same time offer a better solution to the problem you were whining and crying about.

Here is answer to you mail problem

If you still have the Vista files laying around, you can copy the Windows Mail client over to her new Program Files folder. It will self-repair on first run, but you will have to reconfigure it.

I'm not sure where Windows mail keeps its data store, but you should be able to restore that as well from the files in her Windows.old folder.

The only downside is that it won't get automatically updated, since it's not recognized as part of the base install. It's a tough call on that one. Windows Mail is technically a superior client, but she won't be able to patch it if any security problems arise.

However, even if you do eventually migrate her to a new mail client, you should be able to use the old Windows Mail client to export her messages to a common format.

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Hartstoc I feel your pain! I have been bitching about the upgrade problems for a week now. At least you were able to get the OS installed to find out more problems.

And tho I have no clue as to how to fix your problem the reason I even responded was because of this prick ---> Super Sarge. Why are you even lurking here asshole? This is a support forum if im not mistaken. Even if somebody comes here and raises hell. It shouldnt matter. If you want to give "support" give it. If not, just go and have a good time with your computer.

People coming on to a "support" forum might very well have an attitude because they are having a problem and may have resorted to the forum after all else failed and they are pissed. Then they come on here and have to be chastized and belitted by people like you. How lame is that?!

If you cant simply give some helpful information without the "whine and cry" remarks just dont respond at all you asshole.

If your going to give advise you dont need to preface it with a condescending remark.

"whine and cry"? WTF Dude! The guy is complaining about a problem and you come back with that shit!

Are you here to pump up your already inflated ego Mr. overclocked 15%?

My god! You actually spent the time to type all that computer specification crap in and thought someone would get a hard-on over it? Is this some kind of PC dating club too?

If you want to help just help, otherwise shut the fuck up!

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Name calling cursing you have to use such words, because your knowledge of the English language is lacking. I bet you even have trouble sorting your M and Ms alphabetically.



I got my wrist slapped by Admin Mike because of my little tyrade. You tossed the bait the first time and now your doing it again. Knock it off.

I guess I'm a forum badboy now. Never been one before but chicks dig badboy's so I'm good with that.

I'm not out to mess with you. We are all anonymous and what fun would that be.

We want answers to the install problem. Period. No more try this, that and whatever.

The OS does not give an error message. The bootlog doesnt give the answer.

Do you understand? The software is not giving an error message it just hangs. It's like a joke with no punch line.

A freakin' (that's not swearing) error message is something to work with but many of us are getting nothing.


I will give a second to using thunderbird. I use it and love it. Plus with mozbackup you can backup your total thuderbird client and move the single file backup to another machine or to external media and reinstall the os w/o loosing a single setting. There is a slight learning curve but not much of one. Good luck, upgrading an os can go well or it can be hell on wheels.... If you absolutely want a mac how about an hacking-tosh? It is pc hardware but is designed to run the apple OS and since you actually own the copy of OSX it is a registrable copy and upgradeable copy. It is something to consider and if you end up hating OSX you can dual boot windows what ever you want....

mozbackup - MozBackup - Backup tool for Firefox and Thunderbird

hackingtosh -Tekzilla - Episode 97 Link Removed - Invalid URL

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I have read what it would take to make a PC run OSX before you posted that. I appreciate the input but it seems like another nightmare. Does not sound fun at all.

From what I've seen Windows 7 is a good OS.

It needs to finish the installation in order to work tho. Key word being "finish".

The only reason I mentioned at one point that I was thinking of going to a Mac is because if I was going to have to unplug a fairly decent PC I would just say "screw it" (not swearing) and try something else. I dont care if it's Linux, Windows, Android, OSX at this point except that I really want the programs that I have to work...All of which are Windows based.

Maybe it doesnt matter these days. Maybe you just go on the intenet, download the software and it doesnt matter what OS your running. I've been in the Windows bubble for so many years now it is all I know.

Worst case scenario is that if the mac didnt work out I could plug the PC back in and either work with XP or wait 'till Windows 7.1 or whatever.

I dont frankly care about the OS or the machine as long as it works and I can get stuff done.

Actually it isn't too bad, They use a certain motherboard and you have a special usb memory chip that you plug into one of the motherboard mounted (i.e. inside the case) usb pins and set the bios to boot to this usb card. It then loads the necessary software to run OSX. All you have to do is get the necessary hardware that they specify. It is very do able. Now a days they are loading OSX on everything. They even have loaded onto the netbook that i am using at this moment. I would encourage you to stick with windows, 7 is actually a descent program but it seems to work better with a clean install. All four of my upgrades went well but i also did each as a clean install. So as you wish, give 7 another shot and if you can't make it happen then consider doing a hackentosh. It really depends on what software you are using. I use primarly FireFox, Thunderbird, VideoLanClient (vlc) and Open Office. All of which are windows and linux. So I can use either OS interchangeably.

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