The amount of ram that can be used on a 64 bit system droped


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So my problem is I use to have 5.74GB of ram usable out of 6.00GB. Since a restart of my computer there is now only 1.74GB out of 6.00GB.

So I have a 64-bit Windows 7 Home premium SP1.
The ram is 1066MHz with 1 x 4GB and 1 X 2GB.
I only have 2 slots on the computer.

Any other Info, please ask below for it.
Hope you can solve my issue

Hello MasterMas,
to Windows 7 Forums,

Click on the Start Orb and type in the search box, msconfig, then click on the link to open, or, click Start, Run, then type in msconfig and hit enter.
System Configuration window will now open, click on the "Boot" tab, then click the "Advanced options" button, another window will open, make sure "Maximum Memory" is unchecked.

You may also want to check the 4Gb memory stick, make sure the lock tabs are locked, or remove the stick and with a pencil eraser, go over the copper contacts (both sides) and replace the stick and see if that helps.

Keep us posted

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Hi Adamsappleone (Don

Thanks for your welcoming and help. I did the msconfig and it was already unchecked, then I did the pencil eraser thing to the ram and that worked. Thanks for your help again.


Glad to have helped and glad it worked out for you.



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Sorry to bring this up again, but windows has done it again. So same problem as last time, but this time I have also checked msconfig already, and done the cleaning of the ram, and still no effect. Since my last one, I have also ran 'memtest 86+'. This came up with no errors, so I know it's not a hardware problem. I have included some screenshots to help you see what I see. I have also added most of my system specs to my profile now, so just look there if you need some.

systemproperties.png taskmanager.png

Is it because I have a 2GB stick and a 4GB stick installed (I don't think that, there both are 1066MHz so it should run fine), If you need more Information, just ask.

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It may be Windows has problems with different kinds of memory sticks. You should have identical memories = manufacturer + frequency + capacity + model, to get the most, plus double channel.

Windows gets the information from BIOS, perhaps you should look in there. Lowering the frequency might help? Or updating the BIOS?


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Try using each stick by itself and see if anything changes.
Example with 2g you get the same usable, with the 4g you get some larger amount.
Than try each one in the other slot see if anything changes.
Work on process of elimination.

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