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Document Management Roll-up: Microsoft Apologizes Over Mobile Office 2010 Beta, Adobe CS 5 Released

Microsoft: We’re So So Sorry!
In something akin to a petulant child apologizing for stealing cookies, Microsoft (news, site) has apologized for terminating the beta of mobile Office 2010 last week, but says details of its demise were contained in the original small print and you really should have read that.

Obviously, though, quite a number of people hadn’t. The beta went offline on April 5th leaving users who had installed the beta unable to launch Microsoft Office Apps on their phone.

The apology, which appears on the Microsoft Office 2010 Engineering blog, explains how you might resolve the issue, which is a good thing, unless of course your phone did not come with Office Mobile 6.1 pre-installed. In that case you will have to uninstall Office Mobile 2010 beta and then re-install the older version of Office Mobile.

If your phone did not have Office Mobile 6.1 pre-installed then you’re just going to have to buy it. A small (very) olive branch is that Microsoft says uninstalling Office Mobile 2010 Beta will not delete or alter any of the documents you have on your phone or Microsoft Office SharePoint Server.

Office Mobile 2010 will be available for download through Windows Marketplace for Mobile at the same time as the Office 2010 suite in June

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