The Elvis-UFO Connection


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The Elvis-UFO Connection

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(Aug. 16) – Elvis may be the undisputed King of rock 'n' roll, but did you know he was also supposedly the King of UFO sightings?

Turns out, the hip-swiveling pioneer of rock may have been the first official rock star to truly embrace UFOs due to his reportedly deep-rooted, lifelong connection to flying saucers.

Now, there's no need to get "All Shook Up."

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Stop, look and listen, baby! Elvis Presley was open to the idea that UFOs were space aliens visiting earth, according to author Michael Luckman.

Elvis' so-called "alien connection" is all solely the notion of Michael C. Luckman, a New York-based UFO researcher and author of "Alien Rock: The Rock 'N' Roll Extraterrestrial Connection" (Simon & Schuster), a book about famous musicians who claim they've had alien encounters.

Luckman told AOL News that out of all pop culture rock icons, Elvis Presley, by far, had the strongest tie to UFOs, experiencing several documented sightings throughout his life.

The author claimed that it all began the night the King was born -- Jan. 8, 1935 -- when a strange, unidentified blue light reportedly hovered in the night skies above Elvis' childhood home in Tupelo, Miss.

"The light was seen by the doctor who delivered him and by Elvis' father, who later told Elvis all about it," alleged Luckman.

Sound a little spacey?

Well, Elvis' faithful friend and hairdresser, Link Removed due to 404 Error who styled his famous coif for more than 12 years, confirmed to AOL News that the story isn't all that far out.

Geller explained that in the late 1960s, Elvis' father, Vernon Presley, relayed the tale of the UFOs at Elvis' birthplace to both Geller and the King.

"His father told us he'd gone out to have a cigarette at 2 A.M. during the delivery and when he looked up into the skies above their little shack, he saw the strangest blue light. He knew right then and there that something special was happening," said Geller.

Renowned Elvis historian Cory Cooper, who's been researching the life and times of the rock 'n' roll icon for nearly 30 years, also verified the legend of the blue UFOs in Tupelo that night. He said he's personally heard that same story told multiple times by Geller and other insiders who were close to Elvis.

But, back to Luckman. He believes those initial unidentified lights weren't the only incident involving Elvis and UFOs.

Upon researching for his book, Luckman said he discovered that Elvis was supposedly "contacted telepathically by two alien beings when he was 8 years old" who gave him a glimpse into his famous future.

Luckman's story is that the extraterrestrials allegedly showed Elvis a hazy image of a man in a white jumpsuit singing to a crowd, but the young boy "had no idea what it all meant at the time."

However, both Geller and Cooper insist that far-fetched encounter never happened, although Geller can vouch for other UFO sightings that he and Elvis experienced together firsthand.

Geller, who said he eventually became Elvis' "spiritual mentor," recalled a time when they were traveling through the desert at night and saw a set of weird lights circling the skies.

"They were moving far too quickly to be airplanes, so we just chalked it up to UFOs," he explained. "Another time, we were walking through Graceland and noticed odd lights in a field moving back and forth."

Although Elvis never went as far as to claim he was fully contacted by aliens, Geller says the King was "open" to the possibility of life existing on other worlds.

"Elvis was a deeply spiritual person and was very interested in the metaphysical. He had an eclectic outlook on things. Although he never had any major alien experiences, he was certainly a believer," added Geller. "Elvis was a practical mystic. He had his feet on the ground, but his head in the heavens."

The King also had his nose in the books.

According to Geller, Elvis eventually amassed a personal collection of roughly 350 books about new age subjects, including a few specifically about UFOs. He'd bring the "portable library" with him on tour in big luggage trunks aboard airplanes, boats and cars.

At one point, Geller said this concerned Elvis' manager, Col. Tom Parker, who feared the musician's deep interest in the spiritual and metaphysical would cause him to lose focus on his career.

"Tom suggested we have a bonfire and burn some of the books, but Elvis didn't go for it," he added.

Despite Elvis reportedly having an open mind about UFOs until the day he died – Aug. 16, 1977, or 33 years ago today – Luckman is confident the singer's spacey beliefs didn't alienate his fans.

"I think, if anything, people related more to him because they'd had similar experiences with UFOs themselves," he said. "It made him seem more human."

And Elvis isn't the only rock star to claim strange sightings.

Luckman said major musicians like Jimi Hendrix, John Lennon, and Michael Jackson were all famous UFO believers, too.

According to well-documented reports by Lennon himself, he spotted some sort of UFO flying outside his New York City apartment in August 1974 with then-girlfriend May Pang and even wrote a liner note about the incident on his 1974 "Walls And Bridges" album which simply stated, "On the 23rd of August 1974 at 9 o'clock, I saw a UFO. – J.L."

Later, Lennon's 1984 song, "Nobody Told Me" referenced the sighting again with the lyric: "There's UFOs over New York and I ain't too surprised."

In the end, Luckman believes rock stars often experience these purported sightings due to one common thread: They're all naturally "open and creative individuals." When prodded, he didn't think the drugs or hallucinogenics that are such a part of the wild rock star lifestyle had much to do with the encounters.

"I think rock stars were meant to be conduits between humans and aliens; meant to obtain information to help us here on earth in the future," he reasoned.