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As I'm sure you all saw, Visual Studio 2015 RC (among many other things) was released a few weeks ago, Introducing Visual Studio Code, Visual Studio 2015 RC, Application Insights Public Preview and .NET Core Preview for Linux and Mac.

Monday's I try to highlight extending Visual Studio. What does VS 2015 bring to the extension table? A great deal!

What's New in the Visual Studio 2015 SDK

Visual Studio 2015 offers VSSDK extension writers some new ways of writing extension code.

New Ways of Creating Extensions

Starting in the Visual Studio 2015 RC SDK, you have different options for creating extensions, depending on which programming language you’re using.

Visual C# and Visual Basic

For C# and Visual Basic, there is a full range of project item templates that allow you to create VSPackages, menu commands, tool windows, editor classifiers, editor adornments, and editor margin extensions. You can add any or all of these to the standard VSIX project. For more information, see:

Light Bulbs

One of the most exciting new ways of writing extension code is provided by the Roslyn project. For more information, see Roslyn.

Light bulbs are a new feature that ships with the VSSDK. They are icons used in the Visual Studio editor that expand to display a set of code refactoring actions or fixes for problems identified by the built-in code analyzers. For more information, see Walkthrough: Displaying Light Bulb Suggestions.

MSDN Doc's to dry? Check out this great Build 2015 session from, Sam Harwell, Tarek Madkour, Will Smythe...

Money, Fame, and Flexibility: New Extensibility for Visual Studio and Visual Studio Online

What would you do if you worked on the Visual Studio team for a day? What would you add to Visual Studio or Visual Studio Online to help you and other developers? Now imagine this: you can do all that today with existing extensibility. You have everything you need to join Visual Studio’s ecosystem of client and online extensions. You can be famous, or rich, or both! Come and learn how to create new editor visualizations, custom tool windows, and extensions for Visual Studio, Visual Studio Online and Team Foundation Server. We will walk you through the process of creating new extensions, debugging them, and making them available for others to discover and use. Now you can start building extensions for yourself, your team, the community, or for money.

Ready to get started? Then make sure you grab this!

Visual Studio Extensibility Templates

For C# and Visual Basic, Visual Studio 2015 Software Development Tool Kit now supports adding Visual Studio functionalities to your extension by simply using specialized item templates. This VSIX includes a full range of project item templates that allow you to create VSpackages, menu commands, tool windows, editor items such as classifiers, adornments and margin extensions. You can add any or all of these to the standard VSIX project...

Alright, you've got the doc's, you've seen the video and you have the templates (and I assume you have the VS 2015 RC too). Now get building the next great Visual Studio Extension, and let us know when you do!

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