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Hi, I'm running an HP dv7-1428CA notebook with with Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit. My notebook came with a remote control that can control Windows Media Center, but since I've upgraded from Vista, the green button no longer opens Media Center. Any suggestions?



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Do other buttons work as they should?

It might be the code for that button was changed. The maker of the Tuner card should be able to tell you.

Yeah, all of the other buttons work. I might even try and get a hold of HP.


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Wel, I have been looking around the HP site and might mention some things.

According to the user's manual, the green button is for Teletext, with the Windows button being used to start Media Center. This may vary depending on your system. It also says some buttons work just like computer buttons, such as the power button, some work like hotkeys and some work differently from computer functions.

That being the case, I would suggest you update your software, especially in the area of HP Media Smart or Quickplay.

If that does not help, perhaps you could alter the hot keys to get you where you need to be. Maybe the hot keys were set up for a different directory or whatever and cannot find the Win 7 install. It appears to be in the \ehome directory with ehshell.exe being the exec file. Perhaps in Vista, it was in a different location.

If none of that works, perhaps you could make a shortcut in the original location that would point to the new location.

If you no longer have Vista, I will boot to it later and see if there are any differences.

I checked Vista and the path appears to be the same as Win 7

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Awesome, thanks I'll try that.

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