The heat is on...

ok, so for a long time i used build 7077, and it worked perfectly. i had no problems at all. but then i was talked into switching to the rc, and decided to load 7100, and go with the x64 version. since doing that, my hard drives are spinning constantly, and heating up my laptop to extreme temps. can someone please tell me why this is happening, and how i can fix it? thanks in advance.


Maybe a driver issue. Try looking for Build 7137 or build 7229. It might fix it. Don't go for 7201. Its buggy.

yes, i am dl'ing 7229 x64 as i write this. i hope you are right, as i am worried about there being damage to my pc.

Sometimes errors or hardware cause this. Also how hot is the laptop and where do you use it. As i use my laptop on my bed and occasionly it can get hot but not too hot.

Also i hope 7229 will fix it since its the pre-rtm one now. So hopefully all issues should be gone. Im downloading it as well.

yes, not only is my laptop running much cooler, but 7229 is smoking fast! EXCUSE THE PUN!!! and i finally have crystal clear titlebars on all of my windows. i love that. it just looks cooler than the colorful ones.
yes, it can be confusing if you don't organize your open windows, but i still like how it looks.
7229 gets a thumbs up from me.

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Yea i seem to have gained a bit more speed since going from 7100 to 7229 the other day....

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