The “I forgot pin” option isn’t showing up on start screen.


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So I tried to login to my pc today, but my pin wouldn’t work. I used the same one that worked yesterday, but today it said incorrect pin. After some tries it said I had to restart to try again, but after restarting the “I forgot pin” option has disappeared from underneath the pin box. How can I get in if I can’t reset my pin? Thanks!


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You should be able to login using your Microsoft account password
Nope, the only options showing up on the whole screen is the box where you enter the pin, the internet options, ease of access options and the power options in the bottom right.


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Hey reset your user password or ping Using The Safe Mode.

1. Press F8 before the Windows 10 loading screen.
2. Choose a Windows 7 safe mode option – “Safe Mode with Command Promote” and then please press “Enter” to next step.
3. Wait for Windows 7 to load files . And type net user in the Command Prompt and press Enter to see how many user accounts in locked laptop.
4. Type your locked user account with a new password in the command prompt.
5. After restarting the laptop, please login the account with the new set password.

This should help you out get out of the issue being faced. Also dont forgot to update the windows version.