Windows 7 The Imposable


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Computer Specs:

Area-51m 7700 / Clevo D900T
Processor Intel Pentium 4 3.8GHz (2MB L2 Cache)
3.0GB Ram
Hard Drive
IDE:(1) 60GB Drive
IDE: (0)N/A
Optical Drive
Slot Load DVD-RW
Floppy Drive
(1):Dell Floppy Drive Module
17.4" WXGA (1366 x 768)
Network Interface 10/100/1000 Gigabit Ethernet
Cisco 802.11 N
Bluetooth Yes
Graphics Card
nVidia 6800 Ultra with 256MB shared memory


1x Parallel
1x Serial

1x DVI

1x PS/2 Keyboard -or- Mouse

4x USB

2x FireWire (IEEE 1394) 4-pin

1x Ethernet (RJ-45)

1x Modem (RJ-11)

1x Infrared

1x Audio out

1x MIC in

1x Line in

1x PCMCIA (PC Card) Slot

1x S-Video

1x CF Microdrive slot

1x Smartmedia slot

1x Memory Stick slot

1x MMC slot

Tough Little Girl Though Has Been To Iraq Twice And Afghanistan Once. (Its Bad When Your Laptop Has More Deployments Than You Do)
Anyway, My Issue Is That For One, Installing Windows 7 To My System Takes An Act Of God, And Congress Is Footing The Bill, lol. I Have To Disable All My System Parallel Ports And My Serial Ports, Switch From RAID To ATA Mode, Re-Partition The HD 3 Or 4 Times Before It Will Procede With The Instalation, But Only After I Load An NT4 HD Driver ( Promise SATA378 ) To The System And After Its all Said And Done, My System Comes UP, I See The (Setup Is Prepareing Your Computer For First Use) And It Either Boots Into Windows 7 Or I Get A BSD That Has The Most Errors Iv Ever Seen In Life, Or I Get The Setup Window That Allows You To Set Your Username, And Such, After Completeing All The Steps Needed To Setup Windows, And The 20 Min Wait Of "Windows Is Testing Your Video Settings", It Logs Into The Windows Desktop, It Looks Pretty And Cool, I Click On The Start Menu And BAM! Thats When The Real Party Starts After Two And A Half Million "You Dont Have Permissions", And The BSD'S, And Can Only Boot In Safe Mode, And When It Does Boot Normaly, It Does Whatever It Wants! (basicly..) So..Iv Done This Process 9 Ways, And 3 Days, And All I Got Is Jack Diddley Doo! Anybody Got Any Ideas?