Windows 7 The Irritating "Windows Recovered" screen after having recovered windows7 from crash!


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I have dual operating System, although primary being Win7. I had a crashed windows, once,which I recovered with the OEM Dvd, but that was long time ago. The label of having recovered is still showing, and this really irritates, I am looking forward for help in this forum of how to get rid of this and bring it back to normal! The full story is....

When you click to boot windows in dual mode, or even if only windows is present on the individual partition, as I had checked it, even after removing the 'Boot-Grub' along with other OS, Windows than moves on to next screen showing, the recovered windows page, only after 'clicking' on that screen Win7 moves on to boot. I want to get rid of this 'intermediate' screen and wish that windows should boot, as soon as it is highlighted, as it used to do, after fresh install, -- before 'Recovery' help me do that, with an understandable tutorial please!

Thanks in advance, this could be a stupid question, but I was really not able to resolve it, and today I thought, 'Maybe some others could have faced a similar problem, and resolved it. So dear please help me out.