the message, "the user profile service service failed the logon" appears when typing in my admin pas

Discussion in 'Windows 7 Help and Support' started by wiberg19, May 31, 2010.

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    I am using Windows 7 for my home PC. Upon clicking on my admin profile and typing in my password, the following message appears, "The user profile service service failed the logon." I can only logon to my wife's account (that does not have a password nor admin capabilities). When I try to restart my computer from a previous point in time under system configurations, the folloing message appears, "C windows system32 msconfig.exe" appears. I also have tried restarting my computer in safe mode using F8 during startup but that button does not allow me to enter the advance boot options. What I've discovered is that anyplace that requires the admin password, does not allow entry.
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    I smell a "Trojan"......You can try "Stopzilla" if malware allows. Use your current antivirus in safe mode-- run through several times and see what happens. If you're completely convinced you're free but the problem remains. Run sfc/scannow to see if your msconfig.exe is'nt corrupt also.

    The user profile Service service failed the logon. How to fix this?

    (Neosmart.Net - also has a bootable recovery disk for Windows 7)
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    I agree it looks a little strange for just standard corruption...

    I had a virus once that would not let me start Task Manager, or msconfig. It also changed the log on utility designation in my registry to something else so I could not log on.

    When mine happened, I had no secondary account to get in with. You also say anytime you need to enter an admin password, it is not allowed. So you can't right click anything and use the Run as Admin option...

    Have you tried the onscreen keyboard? It will probably yield the same results, but maybe something to try.
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    Do you have a boot disk (Hiren's or Windows PE) where you can get in and access Regedit? From there, I can direct you to the profile service location and which keys will need to be changed to allow access again.

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