The mystery of the missing files.


I've only just got onto windows 7 and I'm trying to get two machines setup. Both are running Windows 7 Home Premium.

My problem is this...

On one of the machines, I've got Sage Accounts installed. When I open the Sage software and then go to the Backup option it shows me a Sage Dialog box and when I navigate to the folder ...

C:\Program Files (x86)\Sage\Accounts\ACCDATA

I can see a lot of files. However, when I go to the same folder using Windows Explorer the same folder shows me only 2 files.

I thought it must be a routine 'hidden files' problem, so I went into the folder options dialog in Windows 7 Explorer and set the folder to display hidden files and folders. I even set the option which shows protected files.

But yet I'm still having the same problem where I can see a lot of files in this folder when i view it in Sage but when I look at the same folder in Windows Explorer its shows only 2 files.

I hope someone here can tell me how I can get over this problem. Any help will be much appreciated.



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I don't know anything about Sage, but do the files you see make sense? Does Sage look at more than one folder? Have you done a search for the files you cannot see in Explorer to see if they are in a different location?

I suppose it could be related the the x64 version and where files are located in that.

Yes, the two files that I can see in Windows 7 Explorer are also present in the list of files that I can see in the Sage Dialog box.

All the files that can be seen in the Sage Dialog box are all correct and they define a company's accounts in Sage. But I'm pulling my head out trying to figure out why I cant see the same files in Windows Explorer.

I'm pretty sure I'm looking at the right folder as the Sage Dialog box shows me the breadcrumbs to get to teh folder and the breadcrumbs in the windows 7 explorer window match exactly the same!


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My best guess is, if the files are actually in that folder perhaps Sage is hiding them. Maybe a security or encryption process. I am looking through the Sage knowledge data base but haven't found anything yet.

Which Sage program are you using?
I found this, maybe it is related.

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When you are in the c: drive or Programs folder, look up top and see if there is a Compatibility Files Tab.
Windows soemtimes stores things in the Virtual store when the proper permissions are not used.

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