The network adapter has returned an invalid value to the driver?.



So I have note notice any issues at all before this did happen and either has I notice any issues after but so my guess is that somehow it's a driver bug but still I want your opinion regarding it.
And I think it was my bluetooth devices that did trigger this issue, that's what I can see in the log files anyway, what do you think?

Edit: This have never happend when I only use my bluetooth mouse, this did happen for the first time yesterday when I did use my bluetooth mouse and keyboard.
It's a Logitech MX anywhere 2 and a Logitech K810 keyboard.

How it happend
I was waking my computer from sleep trough my Bluetooth mouse and keyboard and it did not work so I did open the lid and started to look under bluetooth devices, It's a laptop so I did use the trackpad. krogerfeedback
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I did notice that my Bluetooth devices was not paired anymore with my computer so I did start to pair the devices and then my trackpad stop working for about 10 seconds and after that I could pair the Bluetooth devices without any issues.

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The network card and bluetooth chipset are often on the same physical card in laptops. I suspect the issue is due to the device going to sleep as many hardware devices don't support sleep and either stay on or power off completely.