The Sexiest Girls At The Swiss Motor Show!

Geneva 2010: The Sexiest Girls At The Swiss Motor Show!

Geneva Motor Show 2010 brought together all major global car makers but also some beautiful girls. These women have competed with the premieres when it came to attracting public.

Every show that has something to do with cars, also brings some sexy beauties next to the cars. It doesn’t matter if it’s a major auto show like Geneva, Tokyo or Detroit, or if five guys meet with their cars in a hood in Kuala Lumpur, if there are nice cars, it’s a must to have some nice girls next to them.

So, all the automakers brought some beautiful babes next to their cars, but if it is to ask me, Geneva is weaker represented at this chapter this year. It’s also true that at an auto show at the caliber of Geneva, you can’t bring some half-naked babes like you do at the tuning shows, but let’s be fair, they could’ve done better.

I know that many of you will skip these lines and click the most attractive girl they see firs, and that’s the reason I won’t bore you anymore with my tattle and let you see the hot babes next to the cars present at the Geneva Motor Show 2010. One more thing, could you please let me know who’s the sexiest of all? I’d go for the Lamborghini girl.


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