The sound crackling problem (realtek)


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Hello everyone,

I've been reading on this issue for literally months including on this forum an nothing has helped. The issue is the following, sound is crackling during full screen flash videso 720p and 1080p. Sound also crackles in full screen games. This issue was not present in XP or Vista, same hardware.

What I have tried and doesn't help:

- reinstall several different audio drivers
----- 3 differend audio drivers from ASUS website
----- Windows audio driver "high definition audio" has no sound, I can't use it
- install latest video driver
- set to 16bit CD quality
- disabled sound enhancements
- disabled onboard video
- disabled onboard LAN
- overclock / disable overcloking cpu
- Windows power scheme on High Performance

My setup:
Integrated RealTek
Windows 7 x64
Intel Core 2 Duo E5200 @ 2.5GHz
4GB RAM @ 800MHz FSB
NVIDIA 9800GT EE (energy saver edition)
-driver 260.99 (lastest as of today)

This issue IS related to Windows 7 as there was no problem with XP or Vista on same setup. It really is annoying as most of the games lag on fullscreen, due to sound, not video. Lowest settings does not improve a thing. Fullscreen flash at 720p and 1080p also lags. When Windows logs in also lags.

I have listed most things I can remember, but this is really frustrating as my old AGP single core PC runs more things better...

Any suggestions?:confused:


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This is discussed on ASUS in length here:
Help...brand new G73..issue
G73JH Sound issues
Asus G73jh crackling issue. - XOTICPC Forums

And discussed on your Graphic card at these places:
Pros! Help XFX Nvidia 9800GT Issues - TechSpot OpenBoards
[ubuntu] Nvidia 9800 GT issue & sound issue - Page 2 - Ubuntu Forums

After reading all this (hope you're a fast reader... :) if the problem is not solved, get back to us.


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In addition to the links that zvit has posted above, this issue was discussed at some length on this forum here don't know that there is a single definitive answer to your issue but I did find post #25 in that thread interesting. I even tried to get the member to advise as to what sound card he was using, but he hasn't responded as of yet. Anyhow after inspecting the specs and drivers available for you MoBo here ASUSTeK Computer Inc. I see that you have the same NIC on board even though you have listed a PCI Dlink device in your specs above. Just wondering if you have either disabled the onboard NIC when you installed the PCI NIC or have experimented with rolling back the driver as that member seemed to find that solution worked for him.


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As I have stated in my post, I have disabled the onboard LAN. I put in an external PCI card (tried 3 different ones) same issue.

As for the audio drivers, I tried all 3 listed on ASUS website, same issue. I even tried an older version of a Vista driver, no change. The Windows High Definition Audio results in no audio output whatsoever so that is not an option.

I've read through the links, but nothing is helpful.


Disable cpu throttling in the bios (Cool N Quiet, EIST or similar.)

Uninstall any/all motherboard utilities such as EasyTune, Overdrive etc...


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Disabling Intel Speed Step did not help. Crackling still happens at login, full screen flash and some video games.

Also, in BIOS tried both "AC 97" and "HD AUDIO" under South Bridge for Audio, no change.


Ehhh not promising anything, but let me have a look at the system. Type msinfo32 in the start menu then press enter. File | save on the opened screen. Zip the saved file then attach it to a post.

In the meantime, to set you up well for anything I may say in my next post, go in the bios and make sure it is set to HD Audio. Then boot to Windows. Install this driver for the VT1708

Check that the device manager has a late 2010 driver installed for it now....and hope I have something good to say on how to fix other things that could be affecting this. :)

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Alright. I have downloaded the file you said, I will now install, reboot and run it again and check back with you.

Meanwhile, disabling hardware acceleration for flash fixes fullscreen lag, but login crackling and the games still lag. BIOS is in HD AUDIO. Speedstep is still disabled. I have attached my sysinfo.

I will check back once I do the install.

EDIT: and I am getting the changed link ;)


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Yep, but I changed the link, so be sure to get it from VIA's site.


1) There is probably a new bios than the one you have from July 8, 2009. So install that if there is.

2) Uninstall LogMeIn. It is a complete mess on Windows 7 and even causes BSODs all the time. It might be the issue here.

3) You have a blank StartUp entry that could be malware. Scan the machine with Malwarebytes and let it remove all it finds. Then install free MSE for 24/7 protection, which you do not currently have.

4) Your D-Link DFE-530TX+ adapter driver is from July 23, 2009, which is considered very outdated now. That needs to be updated:

The driver here will make it February 2010: D-Link 10/100 Fast Ethernet Desktop PCI Adapter

5) Disable the NVIDIA Stereoscopic 3D Driver Service.


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It works....

I didn't install the driver you gave me, instead I removed the VIA driver as usual, but had HD AUDIO (not AC 97) and I think I found the winning combination.

Windows 7 audio driver + HD AUDIO in BIOS

I don't want to touch anything in fear it will break. No more crackling. I will re-enable Intel Speed step.

Thank you for your help suggesting to keep HD AUDIO. I woudln't have guessed since AC 97 + Windows 7 driver = no playback devices. HD AUDIO + Windows 7 driver = win.


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Thank you for Teamviewer link. I will definitely be using it as Logmein is annoying at times.

Thanks for the help.


Cool, sounds good. At least update that D-Link driver and run the malware scan. Enjoy.


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Already did update the D-Link (thanks for link), but I might not need it at all since problem was obviously not in internal LAN, I think I will just re-enable it at some point in the future.

NVIDIA 3D Stereo service is disabled and stopped.

Lofmein removed, going to use Teamviewer.

P.S. I used to work for anti-virus company for 2 years, yet I cruise around with no AV, hehe must scan today.

Again, thanks for the quick help (posted last night, today issue resolved). Great forum!


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P.S. I used to work for anti-virus company for 2 years, yet I cruise around with no AV
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